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Tek Journey Top 5 Best Spy App Reviews

iPhone Spy Android SpyWelcome to Tek Journey!  We’ll be your guide throughout your journey in discovering technology. Our writers are passionate about providing readers with everything there is to know about cell phones. This includes the best apps, phone and software reviews, iOS and Android tips, and the latest in mobile news.

Let’s start your Tek Journey by talking about iPhone spy and Android spy apps.  

What Are Spy Apps?

With millions of apps to choose from out there, Android spy and iPhone spy apps are helpful for parents, employers, and spouses.

With an Android spy app or spyware for iPhone, you can monitor the following activities on a cell phone:

  • Text Messages: Read all incoming and outgoing texts, the phone numbers involved, and time stamps. Deleted texts can also be retrieved and viewed!
  • Phone Calls: See all incoming and outgoing phone calls, call duration, and time/date of each call.
  • GPS Location: Track the smartphone’s real-time GPS location.
  • Social Media: View social media account followers, friends, posts, shares, comments, and more! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp are just some of the social apps you can monitor.
  • Photo & Videos: See all videos and photos taken, sent, and received on a cell phone.
  • App Use: See all the apps installed on a phone and how they are used.
  • Emails: Read all emails sent and received on a phone, email addresses, and the time/date of each email.
  • Internet Browsing History: View the phone’s web browsing history, including Google searches and websites visited.
  • Back Up All Phone Data: Spy apps can back up all the data in case the phone is lost, stolen, or damaged.

Along with these amazing features, spy apps are affordable, easy to use, undetectable, and can be used worldwide. There are many options out there to choose from.  So we’ve narrowed it down to the top 3 spy apps that our customers love.

The Best iPhone & Android Spy Apps On The Market


DDI Utilities: Data Management Software

Android Spy iPhone Spy DDI UtilitiesDDI Utilities is not only a leader in iPhone spy and Android spy applications, but also in data backup and recovery software. It is an essential tool for accessing data from a smartphone.

So, when is it necessary to backup and recover data? The most common situations are when a cell phone gets lost, water damaged, broken, or accidentally reset. This utility app will help ease the panic that occurs when any of these things happen.

Along with data backup and recovery, DDI Utilities software includes all of the spy app features listed above, such as viewing emails and social media activities. It is the best all-around app that will fulfill any user’s needs.

For more information, visit their website:

Highster Mobile

Android Spy iPhone Spy Highster MobileHighster Mobile is the most popular spy application on the market. To date, it has been downloaded over 500,000 times and counting. That’s amazing! Specifically, parents heavily rely on this app to monitor their children and elderly relatives.

This mobile spy software is easy to use and has simple installation steps anyone can follow. It also includes all of the essential features to monitor a smartphone, including keeping track of text messages and phone calls.

Learn more about Highster Mobile on their website:

Auto Forward

Android Spy iPhone Spy Auto ForwardAuto Forward is a great Android spy and iPhone spy application which has every feature needed to monitor a phone.

What makes this brand unique is its No-Jailbreak iPhone spy software. With it, users don’t need physical access to the iPhone to jailbreak it, install the software, and monitor the device. This software is especially useful for employers looking to keep track of their employees’ productivity.

Find out more information about Auto Forward by visiting their website:

SurePoint Spy

Surepoint Spy Android Spy iPhone SpySurePoint spy is a top mobile monitoring software for employers and parents. It is compatible with the latest Android and iPhone devices, inexpensive, and user-friendly. The installation process is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Besides the general spy app features, this software includes a remote camera feature. With it, you can access the cell phone’s camera and take a picture of its surroundings. This comes in handy when making sure your child or employees are where they should be.

Interested in learning more about Surepoint Spy? Check out their site:

Easy Spy

Easy Spy Android Spy iPhone SpyEasy Spy is definitely an easy to use spying and monitoring software for anyone. It includes all the essential spy app features needed such as viewing the phone call log, web browsing history, GPS location, and social media activities.

Laura, a parent from Canada said,

“Easy Spy assists me nicely to pay better parental care towards my teenage daughters. This Spy app enables me to monitor how safe their internet activities are. It also lets me set a limit to their web content access”.

To see what Easy Spy can do for you, visit their website:

Spy App FAQs

Android Spy iPhone Spy FAQs

1. What devices are Android and iPhone spy apps compatible with?

All of these spy applications are compatible with the latest Android and iPhone devices and systems.

Android Compatibility:

  • Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, and all other Android devices
  • Android 3-7 (all system versions)

iPhone Compatibility:

  • iPhone 5 to X (all)
  • iPad (all)
  • iOS 7-11 (all versions)

2. Can I monitor more than one device?

It is possible to monitor more than one device using a spy app. Most spy software companies offer an add-on Extended Download Warranty which includes unlimited downloads. Auto Forward, DDI Utilities, Highster Mobile, SurePoint Spy, and Easy Spy all offer this option at checkout.

3. What devices can I monitor a cell phone from?

After installation of an iPhone spy app or mobile spy app for Android, you can monitor a cell phone remotely from your own smartphone, tablet, or computer.

4. Do I need access to the physical phone to install the app?

With most spy applications, excluding No-Jailbreak iPhone spy apps, you need physical access to the device you want to monitor. However, the setup process is extremely easy and only requires a few minutes.

5. Is customer support provided for spy apps?

Yes. All the spy apps listed above provide customer service. You can speak to real company representatives who are knowledgeable about iPhone and Android spy apps. Visit their company websites to learn more about their customer service.

Reasons To Use A Spy App

Android Spy iPhone Spy

Everyone has different reasons for using spy software. Here are some reasons why parents, employers, and spouses may use one.

  • Parents

Parents can find spy applications highly useful for monitoring their children’s cell phone use. This includes seeing who they are texting and interacting with on social media. Parents are concerned about major problems online, such as cyberbullying and sexual predators. If a parent uses a spy app, they can prevent their child from becoming a cyber victim.

  • Employers

Employers are concerned about whether their employees are being productive. By monitoring company devices, an employer can see exactly what their employees are doing during work hours, including their phone calls, emails, and social media activity. This tool comes in handy when GPS tracking employees in the field and protecting business secrets from leaking to competitors.

  • Spouses

Often in a marriage, a spouse may suspect their partner is cheating and unfaithful. Spy apps can be used to catch a cheater and expose secret communications. Many of these conversations often occur over text, email, and social media, which a data recovery app can extract. Spouses can also track their partner’s GPS location to make sure they really are just “working late.”


That is everything there is to know about iPhone and Android spy apps. Read our other informational blogs to learn more about spy apps and to continue your Tek Journey.