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The new king of Android has arrived, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. This phone is like nothing that has been seen before, excluding the iPhone X.

With having had Galaxy phones for the past 6 years, I have to say this phone has the best features, look, and specifications compared to previous models. It also happens to be my favorite!

Below I will talk about some of the best aspects of the Note 8 that you need to know about.

Why The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is The Best


There are so many things you can do with the S-Pen on this phone. There are five main tasks you do with it.

  • Take and View Notes:

Write notes and lists through the Samsung Notes app, when the screen is both locked and unlocked. When your phone is locked, you simply take out the S-Pen, start writing, and save it. This feature is great when you have to jot something down in a hurry.

  • Smart Select

With smart select, you can take a video or gif of a selected part of your phone screen. This is a great feature for when a gifable movie trailer comes out or you need to record a tutorial.

  • Screen Write

This feature is great for those who want to add their own flair to something. Screen write takes a screenshot of what’s on your cell phone that you can draw and write on.

  • Translate

Need a fast way to see what something online or a text in another language means? No problem! With Google translate, you just need to have the S-Pen hover over a word to see what it means and how to pronounce it.

  • Live Message

Live message is the most fun task you can do with the S-Pen. With it, you can create a gif message that can be sent to your friends family. You can draw something unique or write a touching message. Make it even more entertaining by using your own photo as the background!

Here is an example of a live message:

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is absolutely amazing thanks to its dual cameras. The photos and videos are clear, crisp, and really makes the colors pop. The newest camera feature, which other models did not have, is live focus. With it, you can make the background of your subject blurry so it really stands out. During live focus, you can also take an extra photo of your subject’s surroundings.

In addition, you have many different camera modes to choose from. Love taking photos of your food to post on Instagram? Capture a photo using food mode! Other great modes include slow motion, panorama, sports, animated gif, virtual shot, and many more!

Below is a photo taken on this Galaxy cell phone. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cell phone review

Holiday lights in NYC


Design & Performance

This galaxy phone is beautiful with a 6.3” infinity screen for wide viewing. It comes in a variety of colors including Blossom Pink, Midnight Black, Maple Gold, Deepsea Blue, and Orchid Gray (the color I have).

The phone is fast charging and long lasting. I have never had to worry about my phone going dead. Along with this, the phone is water and dust resistant and has expandable memory and amazing sound.



Bixby is there for you when you need it. Need to put an appointment in your calendar? Ask Bixby and it will be created. Want to know a great local Mexican restaurant? Just ask Bixby for recommendations.

If you are going sightseeing and want to know about a specific location or landmark, you can use Bixby Vision on your camera. This feature will give you information such as what it is, photos, and a web link to learn more.

Here is an example of what appears if you use it in Times Square.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cell phone review

Bixby Vision result in Times Square


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the current reigning ‘King of Android’, despite the $950 price tag. The live messaging, smart select, and Bixby vision features are unlike anything that can be seen on other Android devices. With all the features, design, and performance details listed above, this phone is a dream come true. 

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