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It’s no secret that companies gather customer information without consent. However, what Google has done recently takes retrieving information a little too far. They had been mobile spying on Android users’ location data, even when their location services were disabled. Google had been doing this since the beginning of 2017.

All Android devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, were vulnerable. Google was getting the addresses by using cell towers closest to Android users. According to Quartz’s report, Google was using this information to improve the performance and speed of phone messages. There wasn’t anything Android owners could do to prevent their location information from being shared.

Once this practice was discovered, Google immediately replied that they would stop by the end of November 2017. Hopefully, for Android owners’ sakes, Google has stopped.

However, Google has apparently moved on to unlawfully collecting iPhone users personal information. They are being sued for breaching the privacy of 5.4 million iPhones!

Other Apps That Are Mobile Spying

mobile spying

Are your cell phone apps tracking you?

Besides these practices by Google, there has been evidence that many third-party apps in the Google Play store are collecting people’s information. These apps are not only tracking their in-app movements, but offline habits as well. They could monitor your app use, web browsing, and personal information. Some of the apps that do this include Tinder and Spotify.

It should not be allowed for companies to mobile spy on people and collect their information without consent. Cell phone owners should have the option of whether or not they want their information to be collected. At the very least, people should be able to see how their data is being collected.

The only way to prevent this from occurring in the future is for regulations to be put in place.

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