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The competition between cell phone carriers like Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon is intense. Recently, it has been a back and forth battle between cell phone carriers to get new customers. Have you seen the commercials for Sprint and Verizon bashing one another? Most people have especially since the old Verizon ‘can you hear me now’ spokesperson is representing Sprint now. The phone carriers’ latest stint is using incentives to get new customers. Here are a few examples.

Examples of Cell Phone Carriers Using Incentives



Sprint has recently used three different incentives to get new customers. First, Sprint has joined up with Hulu to offer a Hulu subscription to new and existing Unlimited Plan customers. This is the first time Hulu has partnered with a phone carrier to offer its product. Being a Hulu user myself, I would definitely be intrigued by this deal.

Also, Sprint is taking advantage of Pokémon Go’s popularity. Currently, they are giving people who get Sprint Unlimited $100 worth of PokéCoins. For anyone familiar with the mobile game, you can use PokéCoins to purchase Poké Balls, Incubators, and other store items. This deal is great for anyone who has kids who are obsessed with the game.

Watch the Sprint Pokémon Go promotional video below.

Lastly, Sprint is also offering a six-month trial of Jay Z’s music streaming service, Tidal, to anyone with a Sprint Unlimited plan. However, there’s a catch. If you don’t cancel your trial after it ends, you get charged $9.99 per month.



T-Mobile has joined in on the battle between cell phone carriers by offering a Netflix subscription. Anyone with a T-Mobile ONE Family Plan now gets a Netflix subscription at no extra cost. This promotional effort is still going on and started on September 12, 2017. Netflix is known for its original content including Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and Fuller House.

Here’s a video detailing T-Mobile’s Netflix On Us:



For Verizon, they took a different route to provide their customers with incentives. They created the rewards program, Verizon Up. It’s free for any Verizon customer to join and provides customers with access to many rewards. How it works is that for every $300 spent on a monthly Verizon bill (before taxes), a customer gets 1 reward point.  

There are three types of rewards: Earned, Unexpected, and Super Tickets. For Earned Rewards, 1 credit equals 1 reward. Each month, Verizon Up user’s can choose from 6 rewards to get. Unexpected Rewards are when Verizon gives Up user’s special offers and discounts for occasions like an anniversary. Super Tickets provides customers access to exclusive sporting events, concert, shows, and live performance tickets which they can use reward credits on.

Verizon Up participants can get rewards from popular brands including Starbucks, JetBlue, Amazon and the NFL. This reward program can only be used through the Verizon cellular phone app. To note, reward credits do expire 60 days after receiving them.

Get a peek at Verizon Up by watching this clip:


Clearly, cell phone carriers are stepping up their game. They are realizing that a great tactic to get new customers is by providing incentives they want. So, who will win this battle of the phone carriers? We will have to wait to see.

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