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In the age of cell phone ubiquity, every child has one and it’s imperative that parents teach mobile phone safety to all children who use an Android phone.

There are a number of child-specific cell phone dangers out there.

  • Cyberbullying
  • Identity Theft
  • Online Predators
  • Hackers

All of which can be curtailed with the parental use of an Android spy app. Keep your children safe from online and mobile phone dangers.  

Cyberbullying: What is it and How Can You Stop it from Happening to Your Child

The term, first used in 1998 according to Merriam Webster, has become synonymous with cell phones and social media in post Y2K. Cyberbullying is when someone (usually a child or teenager) is harassed online or via phone communication. Anyone with a cell phone or an internet connection is vulnerable to cyberbullying, but it mostly affects adolescents. According to, 50% of adolescents have been cyberbullied. Most of this occurs on social media or through text messages. Typically children and teens won’t report the bullying to a parent or authority figure for fear of making the situation worse.

Multiple studies have shown a correlation between cyberbullying and social withdrawal, depression, and, in extreme cases, suicide.

Monitoring your child’s cell phone activity keeps parents in the loop, and able to identify early warning signs of a problem.

Cyberbullying takes many forms, including:

  • Cyber stalking
  • Trolling
  • Catfishing
  • Fraping
  • Flaming

Cyberbullying may seem like ‘kids being kids’, but the implications are more than that. Sadly, 20% of kids who are cyber bullied think about committing suicide, according to Take the story of Connor Francis Tronerud, for instance.

Connor was a 15-year-old honor student at Massachusetts’ Assumption School in Millbury. On December 4, 2017, he committed suicide. So, what happened to this amazing student to make him commit suicide? He was being cyber bullied by his classmates. Rev. Daniel Mulcahy, who Connor confided in, said, “He had been bullied and it was online. As it would anybody, it really affected him.”

Could this, or similar situations have been averted with a cell phone spy software?  


Children Can Be Victims of Identity Theft

Just as cyberbullying can have a great impact on children, so can identity theft. Identity thieves impersonate people online, usually for financial gain. The information thieves pull can include social security number, name, and address. They can get that information from your everyday online activities and mobile phone use. Children can be easier to prey on if they are less knowledgeable about technology best practices. For example, identity thieves can easily get information from a child through chat apps. Other common ways information is stolen is through fake WiFi networks, online shopping, and email phishing.  


Online Predators

It might be every parent’s biggest fear; your child being contacted by a sexual predator online.  The most common place where kids meet these predators is on social media and mobile chat apps. A predator will sometimes impersonate a peer so that your child’s guard is down. They start messaging each other, then sexting, and eventually they meet in person. It will never get to that point if a parent is tracking their child’s phone activities.

Here’s a true story:

One day, a father from North Carolina decided to see what his 9-year-old daughter was doing on her cell phone, he quickly discovered she had been messaging Scott Trader, a 32-year-old man from Port St. Lucie, through the Say Hi app. The message exchange between them was innocent at first, until Trader started sending explicit photos and videos, and asking the girl for some in return. Eventually, the girl did send revealing photos to him.

After her father discovered this, he reported Trader to the police. Trader had a history of possession of child pornography and lewd behavior. Homeland Security conducted a search of Trader’s home and he was arrested and charged. He’s now serving a life sentence.

Your child can be targeted by online predators 700 miles away or just next door. An android spy app can help parents be sure their child is not connecting with a sexual predator.



Hacking seems to be in the news every day lately: critical systems being hacked, large-scale data breaches, even credit card scams. Hackers will target anyone, including children. These thieves want to steal information including identities, financial records, and personal information. Hackers gain access to this information by using unsecured Wifi networks, using bots to crack your password, and friending you with fake social media profiles.


The #1 Way To Prevent Your Child From Becoming A Victim

mobile spy app for android

Keep your child safe from mobile dangers.

There is a way to protect your child, and your family from dangerous online activities.

Using a mobile spy app for Android phones. They can be used to monitor practically everything on your child’s phone including GPS location.

Here are all the essential spy tools for Android devices:

  • View all cell phone photos and videos
  • Track the current Android phone GPS location
  • See all texts and messages on apps like WhatsApp
  • View all activities on social media platforms
  • Review the Android phone’s call log
  • See all outgoing and incoming emails
  • View online browsing history

The question remains, what is the best spy app for Android devices that includes these essential tools? That would have to be Highster Mobile.


Highster Mobile Spy App for Android

mobile spy app for android

Parents have found Highster Mobile to be the best mobile spy app

Highster Mobile is the #1 Android spy app on the market for parents. It’s not just parents that find this app useful for monitoring. Employers use it to monitor their employees’ productivity, and spouses use it to track their partner’s whereabouts. This amazing app continues to gain customers with 500,000 downloads and counting.

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A common worry parents have about monitoring their kids cell phone is whether they will get caught. They don’t want their child to lose trust in them, but also need to make sure they’re safe. So, often parents ask, “Is this spy app for Android undetectable?” The answer is yes; Highster Mobile is undetectable. By using this app, parents will never be caught spying on their child’s smartphone.

Think Highster Mobile is too good to be true? Read a testimonial from Amanda, a mom of three.

“I have three children, and my daughter just entered her teen phase. Being the worrisome and busy mom that I am, I was concerned about who she might be dating or chatting with on her Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With so many sketchy people online, I wanted to make sure that she was communicating with people she knows. So, I searched for an app that could monitor her smartphone. I came across Highster Mobile spy app for Android. So, I tried it out for a month and immediately got the information I needed. I was able to know who she was texting, calling, and friending on social media. Thankfully, I was able to track her phone when at work. This came as a relief since I can’t keep an eye on her 24/7 and she’s starting to not share everything with me.” – Amanda

Just like in Amanda’s situation, many parents heavily rely on Highster Mobile to know what their kids are up to. When children start becoming teens, using an Android spy app comes in handy when they’re being secretive. All parents should know what their kids are up to, who they’re chatting with, and where they are. So, if you are a worrisome parent, use Highster Mobile to protect your child from the many mobile dangers.


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